Free Stuff how to give it and get it

First let's get the elephant out the room. NO business goes in to business to give away free stuff or donate or sponsor or any of the fancy words used that sound pretty but still mean: Free. However there are a few small business owners that do have a heart, they want to give but they want to give with out it hurting their business. Big businesses want to give too but you have to speak their language. No one wants to say it but I'll just get it out the way quid pro quo is the currency exchange in the business world and feeling good about yourself afterwards is not a form of payment that will go far. Fine so we're not in business to get the feels, but exposure is something we all want right? Well sure, but it's a phantom offer if there is nothing to back it up. How do we track how much glorious exposure we received after your awesome event? Most often times there really is not way to track it. Somehow there just never seems to be a way to marry the 2, both giving and getting, together with out compromising each other.

With that being said we can't just let the elephant roam freely in the other room either. No one raising funds for anything, whether its a good cause, bad cause, just cause if your raising money it means you don't want to spend money or you want to spend the least amount of money possible to get the job done. So, you're caught in between I want to throw an amazing memorable event and I want to raise money boulevard, a busy intersection in the event world. Squeezing and fishing for donors is not exactly the highlight of the planning process either I get it.

So how do we close the gap, because businesses want to give when it makes sense <-- (almost as phantom as the free exposure) and charities want awesome business to help their cause, how do we create the cyclical win-win that everyone wants. Give businesses something they want-Measurable exposure. Team up with companies that can record data like we do. Have reports ready on how many people will be in attendance, the demographic, scheduled exposure on social media, past sponsors, free tickets to the event, and branded material at the event. Tie in how YOUR event will help the business and be ready to prove it.

Businesses, be open to solutions and be prepared to give solutions. You live in the event world most often they are just visiting.if you can't do what they asked offer what you can instead. Don't be afraid to ask for intangible things, or even tangible things that may be at little expense to the non-profit. Consider going to the event, is there opportunity to network? Use it as a case study to see what to ask for in the future because trust me this won't be the last time someone needs free stuff. Change the mindset from donation dollars to marketing dollars with the added tax benefits. After all of that call us so we can team you up with the right events and sponsorship opportunities.

Our company specializes in this area by creating the "proof" you need to be able to snag your next big sponsorship, we even have programs where money is funneled back to the charity for your cause! Giving and getting free stuff doesn't have to be painful we just all have to get on the same wave link and create that magical win-win. It's out there trust me!


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