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All decor packages are custom please fill out the consultation form for
accurate pricing. 


From gorgeous gardens to full-on glam,let us curate the perfect wedding day just for you and your spouse


Baby Showers

Celebrating new life is one of our favorite things to do at The Collective whether is custom umbrellas or teddy bears and bow ties, let us curate the experience for you!


Childrens Parties

From the brattiest of boys to the frilliest of girls! Let us curate an experience they will remember for a lifetime


Custom themed events

Are you different do you want something that goes against the grain? Let us carefully customize your curated experience! Even our winter wonderland has snow indoors!


Micro Parties

The event world has changed dramatically creating a lane for smaller events but that doesn't mean the design has to be small!


Explosive Birthdays

Birthdays are no longer something we can take for granted why not make them explosive? Our custom curations will be the talk of the year amongst your guests for sure!

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