What is a permanent install?

Permanent installations are custom setups geared towards business owners. Installations look and feel like they are a part of your business and your brand they fit flawlessly in to the everyday operation of your business.  A photo booth is setup in your business and pre-customized to what you want your guest to see. The booth stays on site for 3 months to a year

Why a permanent install?

Gives businesses a chance to give their brand LIFE. You are literally turning your brand in to an experience and what do clients remember? Experiences


Allows you to collect data. Add a brief survey to your custom experience to truly gage client interest. Capture emails, phone numbers, social media to market to your following later


Branding, Branding, Branding If for no other reason this one is the 1. Guests don't take pictures to save to their phones they SHARE it and if you're lucky there friends share it and so on and so forth and guess what your brand is all over that photo. Giving your marketing dollars longevity


Who is it for?

Surely it's expensive... Right?

Really any business looking for a unique way to market their business and interact with their clients. Some companies that should definitely call us: Gyms, Salons, Doctors offices, Dentist offices, Bars, restaurants , car dealerships, the list could really go on but those are a few examples.

Wrong! Permanent installs are a very cost effective way to market your business. It's very similar to leasing that fully loaded car that costs $50,000 but somehow you're driving it around for only $500 a month, is a similar concept. We take the costs and the bells and whistles of running your install and pass on a fraction of that in a manageable monthly payment.

I'm ready whats next?

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