Who doesn't love GIF's?


A branded experience

Customize the booth equipment

Customize strips

Customize backdrops

Customize social media Kiosk

Really you can customize



Our booths focus on the experience of the user everything from:






Light painting

And ofcourse Photos


Our Design team is one of a kind we work hand in hand with our clients to design unique experiences and material


Planing an event is difficult if it were easy we all would do it! We offer a very wide array of services which is why we offer free consultations to discover your needs, when putting on an amazing event!

Some Brands that have trusted us

The photo booth has changed with the change of technology

Gone are the days where you slip your dollar in to a huge box in the middle of the mall and 2 minutes later a little strip of photos is spit out.


Now if old school is your thing we can definitely bring the traditional boxed photo booth.


The evolution of the photo booth has changed so much that even the new hip and trendy open air booth is becoming a thing of the past, being replaced by  digital GIf and Boomerang stations and elaborate green screen installations.

The good thing is we can do it all!!

The Evolutionof the photo booth

Traditional Photo Booth

Digital Selfie Station

*This Prices apply to Metro Detroit Counties
Please call for all other areas

Unique Experiences

The cool new favorite shareable


The new trend way to capture short videos


Gone are the days where we need to stuff a table full of mustaches and bows it can all be digital!

Digital Props

Views from the Selfie Station

Selfie Station

Up to 6 hour rental

If you don't want anyone telling you how long you can look at yourself the selfie station will be your friend! A completely digital fully customizable experience makes this a viable option for anyone looking to maximize their budget!



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